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Super Bills Order is comprised of a team of experts in the fields of design, printing, and security. For many years, we have been developing the best quality fake notes using state-of-the-art technology and premium materials. Our team is made up of skilled professionals with a passion for creating realistic counterfeit currency that can pass even the most rigorous security checks.

Buy counterfeit banknotes to free yourself

Money is freedom, no matter how you slice it. It can help you free yourself and your loved ones from debts and financial issues. When these burdens are no longer yours, the chances of becoming happier are much higher. Counterfeit Expert can make this your case, providing Counterfeit BankNotes you can use to seal your happiness.

There is no essential difference between officially issued notes and high-grade phony bills when they are manufactured by pros using the appropriate equipment. You must be a super-experienced mint guru to identify fake money made by our experts.

The Counterfeit Expert team has the experience to professionally duplicate currency notes of popular denominations. You can find 20+ currencies in our selection, and we keep increasing the available options for your convenience.

We pretest the bills before sending them to you to ensure they pass security checks. However, we encourage you to refrain from going overboard with them or handing them out in financial organizations. Those who can perform deep scans may potentially identify fake notes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver authentic-looking banknotes that resemble original currency without attracting attention or detection beyond an acceptable level using cutting-edge technology so that those who use them can experience complete relief from their financial troubles while enjoying a higher standard of living and peace of mind. Our ultimate goal always involves enhancing your personal safety while setting you free from the traditional banking systems and limiting you only your budget or credit history.

Our Vision

Our vision at Super Bills Order is to provide high-quality undetectable counterfeit notes to all corners of the globe. We endeavor to make it possible for people who have been negatively impacted by financial systems to gain access to financial freedom by providing them with safe options for investing and saving through our highly secure fake currencies.

Unconventional uses of counterfeit banknotes

You can order our notes just for fun. Imagine sending invitations for a wedding or some other party printed on bills, nearly identical to the real ones! We will print the required text and change fonts, but, in general, these things will look like authentic money.

Or play financial education games with your kids or friends using the fake currency for sale to make the process more engaging and closer to reality. We can make any money, from US dollars to Emirati dirhams (AED) to Malaysian ringgits (RM) and Chinese yuans (CNY).

What if people ask you to lend some money, and you can neither reject them nor help, realizing you’ll never have these funds back? Well, false currency can be the solution. But remember that these notes are not legal, so avoid those who can unintentionally set you up.

Stay undetected to buy counterfeit banknotes online

Ordering prop bills is entirely safe. Your false currency will travel to you in a discreet box without even the slightest hint about its contents. We value your trust and will not compromise it by allowing for any mistakes while processing and shipping your order.

You can stock up on phony notes using a VPN or your ordinary browser. Either way, it is anonymous and untraceable. We do not need documents or verifications from your side to deliver the funds you paid for. Order a small batch as your first try to see how the procedure works.

We do not have the upper limits. But inform us beforehand if you crave large sums, so we can fill our stock with the necessary bills in appropriate quantities.

Custom Bills

Custom Bills. We offer full print stacks/bands & blank filler stacks/bands in the 1990s, 2000s, and Current/New Style Bills, in all denominations, or we can create a custom denomination for you.

Great for invitations, premieres, birthdays, graduations, parties,
events, vouchers, advertisements, coupons, gifts, etc.Whether you want a custom bill for a loved one, celebrate a birthday,
or advertise your business, we are here for you. Our team of top graphic designers will create a bill that is sure to leave a lasting impression and be the topic of conversation at your event, party, or graduation.

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